Solutions & Services

  As you read these sections, we are in hope  the solutions to your hoof care  come with the information about this amazing process that happens naturally if given a chance. We will provide great web sites so you can do your own research.   This Is to open your mind up and think outside of shoes and tradition. It is a debate of opinions that a horse owner goes through to decide weather to shoe or not. Once you are informed, I hope our services are what you want for your horses farrier care.

 SECTION A:  Is to explain what we do to our domestic horses that create the need for shoes and the fads that keep horses shod.

 SECTION B: Is to explain why the wild horses hooves and domestic natual trims are so much healthier.

  SECTION C: If shoes or boots are needed


A) We have bred good hooves out of our domestic horses. In fact we take good new born  hooves and start to debilitate them as soon as the foal hits the ground. We bed them in soft footing, create little need for movement as we bring food to their mothers. We then cut off protective structures in our field trims. Now our domestic hooves have atrophied structures that need to support them as they grow and are required to carry a rider. This explains why our horses need extra protection such as shoes.

B) Wild mares walk 20 plus miles a day over all kinds of footing. Their foals are right by their side. No protective structures are cut off and hoof material is condensed and are callous. Hoof structures become strong to handle the weight of the foal as it grows. As natural hoof trimmers we encouage a lot of movement and do not pare any live tissues in our trims. Rough footing is always a plus over soft.

C) When a horse can not be successful in the natural barefoot trims, we can offer boots or shoeing. We fit, carry and sell easy care epic boots. This great option lets the horse keep all the benifits of being bare foot, while the boots  are used only when needed. These boots protect better than a shoe AND pad. They will save a lot of money to as they do not need to be reset every 6 weeks and can last for years. In cases when shoeing is required, we can incoperate some of our natural trimming ideas into the shoeing job.