About Us

We strive to serve as your competent and RELIABLE hoof care providers. We are  looking forward to serving you and horses needs.


  I started in the farrier business in 1990.  It was not long before I had a thriving business. In 1993, I completed a course in horse shoeing from Cornell University. I became a ceritified farrier with the American Farriers Association in 1994. In 2004, a customer got me interested in learning about natural hoof trimming. I had the great privilege to fly Paige Poss (ironfreehoof.com) from Virgina to New York and work with me and my customers. In 2005 all my 200 plus customer horses where bare foot. This included horses such as  polo horses, Saratoga park police horses, competitive horses and many who had navicular disease or had foundered.

  I now dedicate my work towards creating healthy bare hooves and leaving shoeing only to those  horses, that for reasons you will learn about, need shoes.


Email: info@bareyourhooves.co















Jake Young



  I started into the natural hoof trimming profession in 2010. I appenticed with Penny Springstead as she tought me from her years of experience. As a team we are able to trim 2 horses at a time which cuts down on holding time. (especially on cold days.) We are also able to hold horses for each other. this  frees customers from having to loose time from thier busy schedules to be there.



 Email: info@bareyourhooves.com