Specializing In Natural Hoof Trimming: Proudly Serving Fulton, Montgomery, Saratoga and Cobleskill Counties.

  Welcome to Bare Your Hooves. This web site is greared for the horse owner who is not sure to shoe their horse or leave them bare foot. I hope this site can help in your decision. You will learn more about an alternative way to care for your horses hooves which includes the healthy footed horse or the ones with pathology. Our goal is to help you understand the benifits of natural hoof  trimming and to help you

understand what makes the transition process work or fail.

Our Services

 Our passion is helping horse owners develope the best hooves for their horses.  We do this by evaluating the whole horse, not just their hooves. Communication between owner and farrier is the key to success.  We explain diet, turn out, and work schedule of the horse. We will give your horse the best chance to create the hooves of a wild horse in their domestic setting. We carry easyboot produces for protection if needed during the process of going bare foot. This makes your horse usable out of shoes. We are also farriers but only shoe the very few horses that can not make the transition to bare foot after going through our program.

About Us

 Our names are Penny and  Jake Young. We are located in Broadalbin, N.Y. I am a horse shoer but consider myself a shoe-less-farrier.